An effective story is built on the foundation of a focused strategy. Allan Consulting has established processes and demonstrated experience in helping you to develop the right team to meet requirements; to build the right organization and find the right people to execute your plan; and to guide the acquisition process to the right Request For Proposal (RFP) to accommodate your offer.

The Right Team

  • Objectives-based teaming analysis
  • Teaming interview process
  • Strengths/Weakness/Opportunities/Threats (SWOT) analysis
  • Black Hat competition analysis
  • Teaming Agreement lessons learned

The Right People

  • Organization Design
  • Key and Essential Personnel position descriptions
  • Links to professional recruiting capabilities
  • Resume/candidate screening

The Right RFP

  • Evaluation and comment on Draft RFP
  • Development of key messages for customer interfaces
  • Coordination of questions and comments for communication to the customer
  • Preparation and coaching for customer meetings (including one-on-one interviews)

Involvement in the development of the underlying strategy elements is critical to ultimate success and should begin to happen well in advance of specific procurement or communication needs. Early engagement of Allan Consulting provides the most effective development and employment of plans to meet your goals.


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