About Us

Allan Consulting is an organization dedicated to applying our experience and lessons learned to ensure that our customers' efforts are completed cost-effectively and to the highest quality standards. Our personnel have an average of 30+ years of experience in operations, management, and business development positions that provide them with a valuable experience base and perspective from which to best serve our customers.

We are not a "bricks and mortar" organization. We are all individual consultants who are willing to serve our customers’ needs at the location that is most advantageous and cost-effective for them. In addition, we partner with other consulting organizations, as appropriate, to provide the broadest possible access to subject matter experts for our clients.

Through our collective experiences, we have assembled a wide range of highly effective processes and tools to support strategy, design, and process activities. We are constantly learning new approaches and evolving our techniques and our customers get the full advantage of our focus on continuous improvement. Let us put our people, processes, and tools to work for you.


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